(ALL Students) Will I automatically be dropped if I don't attend the course?

Summer Students are expected to drop classes they do not attend (there is not an automatic “instructor drop” in the summer term). Please use GOLD to drop your enrolled courses.  You are not able to drop the last course on your schedule when using GOLD.  You must use the petition tab on the top of the GOLD screen to drop the last enrolled course and cancel your Summer Quarter (must be done before the first Summer courses begin in June).  There is a form link (PDF) below you can use to fill out for cancellation or withdrawal from the Summer Quarter. 

If you do not drop any/all of your courses or you do not attend your courses, you will be charged for the full tuition for that course and are likely to receive a failing grade (F). There will be No Refund for your fees and tuition.

This is a link to the Summer Sessions listing of drop deadlines in order to receive the appropriate tuition refund in BARC.

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