Can I take my undergraduate courses with a Pass/Not Passed (P/NP) grading option?

Passed/Not Passed Grades: Pass/No Pass grades (P/NP) are not included in the computation of university grade-point averages. Courses graded P, however, are acceptable for unit and appropriate degree credit. P grades will be assigned only for coursework equivalent to a C or better on the letter-grade basis. NP grades will be assigned for work equivalent to a C- or below. No credit is given for courses graded NP.

Undergraduate courses may be offered exclusively on a P/NP basis with the prior approval of the appropriate faculty committees. These courses are identified in the Schedule of Classes. Undergraduate students on academic probation, as well as those in good standing, may take such courses without special approval. Graduate students may take undergraduate courses P/NP with the approval of their graduate advisor, provided the course is offered P/NP.

Click here for a printable version of the dates you can change your grading options for a course.


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