(Current UCSB Student) Why should I attend UCSB Summer Sessions?

      Here are a few reasons students tell us they come to Summer Sessions:
    • Save Money — UC undergrad unit fees are capped at the cost of 15 units and there are no out-of-state fees. 
      "The rates are cheaper and it gives me a chance to focus on one class . . ."
    • Graduate Sooner — Make up a missed class or finish some GE requirements.
      "I decided to attend summer so I do not have to be here for 5 years."
    • Enjoy Learning — Focus on a few subjects at a time while attending less crowded classes. 
      "I wanted to take courses for personal enrichment and interest while saving money."
    • Get to know UCSB — Summer Sessions offers open enrollment. 
      "I wanted to experience taking a course at an entirely different institution . . ."
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