(Transfer) How do I enroll in Summer Sessions courses?

In the summer, most new transfer students enroll in courses that meet the requirements for their major. Each major has an academic advisor to help new students make the right decisions about enrolling in summer courses.

Contact your academic advisor before you add courses.

For a preview of summer course offerings - CLICK HERE

Transfers may also enroll in Education 117M.
Add to your schedule the popular Transfer Academic Success course ED 117M and you’ll get valuable preparation for making the most of your time at UCSB.

  • Education 117M: Motivation and Learning for Academic Success (2 units)
    (Recommended for all new transfer students who want an early introduction to UCSB)
    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Get in the know and develop your confidence and understanding about academic achievement at UCSB. Discover opportunities on campus that are tough to find on your own. Avoid the disappointment of finding out too late about something you wish you had known when you started UCSB. Through lectures, presentations, group projects and discussion you will discover what UCSB offers and how to make the most of your short time as a university student.

For more information about enrolling in ED117M, email: amyh@education.ucsb.edu

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