How do I drop courses from my schedule?

Students may use GOLD for schedule adjustments until the dates listed on the Deadline Chart.

After the drop deadline, students will not be able to drop their final course on GOLD. To drop your final course you must completely withdraw from Summer Sessions.

To completely withdraw from Summer Sessions, please do the following:

1. Login in to GOLD

2. On the left hand menu click 'Petitions.'

3. Make sure that the form indicates the correct information and then click 'Confirm Quarter Cancellation.'


*After the deadline dates, all UCSB students newly admitted for fall term to the College of Letters and Science must go to L&S offices for any schedule alterations, including Late Drop, Late Add, and Late Change of Grading Options.

**Students newly admitted to the College of Engineering and to the College of Creative Studies should go to the Summer Sessions office for all schedule changes.

Click here for a printable version of the Deadline Chart for the current Summer Sessions.

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