What grading system do you use in Summer Sessions?

The work of all students is reported according to the following grading system:

Undergraduate Graduate
A (excellent) A (excellent)
B (good) B (good)
C (adequate) C (adequate)
D (barely passing) D (poor)
F (not passing) F (not passing)
P (passed) S (satisfactory)
NP (not passed) U (unsatisfactory)
I (incomplete) I (incomplete)
IP (in progress) IP (in progress)
W (withdrawal)

The grades A, B, C and D may be modified by plus (+) or minus (-) suffixes. Grade points for each unit shall be assigned by the Office of the Registrar as follows: A=4; B=3; C=2; D=1; F, I, IP, P, NP, S, W and U=none. Units, but not grade points, are assigned for a P or an S grade. Minus grades carry three-tenths grade point less per unit and plus grades (excluding A+), three-tenths grade point more per unit than unsuffixed grades.

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