(Current UCSB Student) How do you place students into UCSB foreign language courses?

Generally, placement into UCSB language courses is as follows:

Years of High School Study in a Language
Normal University Course Equivalency
Placement in University Courses
1, 2
1, 2, 3
4 or 5
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5 or 6

While students may use the chart as a guide to the selection of appropriate language courses at UCSB, students are eligible for full unit credit for any language course passed at UCSB, regardless of the number of years of high school study they may have completed in the same language.

However, students with college level language credit are cautioned to make certain that the course in which they plan to enroll will not duplicate their previous language study, since credit toward graduation will not be granted for repetition of equivalent courses. The foreign language department may, after testing a student’s proficiency, request that the student begin at a higher or lower level than that for which the student enrolled.

Full transfer credit may be allowed upon matriculation at UCSB for units earned in completion of foreign language courses in junior colleges and other four-year colleges.

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