How can I apply to UCSB Summer Sessions as a local high school student?

High School Student Eligibility
Intellectually mature local high school students with a 3.3 GPA (in areas A-G) are eligible to enroll in regular UCSB courses during the Main Summer Sessions. Local high school students are defined as students attending high school in the region from Lompoc to the north and Oxnard to the south. Course choices are restricted to those courses which either have no prerequisite or in which the prerequisite for the course has been met by the student through previous college credit. High school students interested in enrolling in courses during the summer will need to return a high school transcript with this completed application to the Summer Sessions Office.

If you are a high school student from outside of the Santa Barbara area, please contact Sean Kerr at or at 805-893-7053 to discuss your options.

Application Procedures
High School Students—will need to complete this Application. The non-refundable application fee is $200. Upon receipt of your application, complete with the fee, a Registration Information E-mail, containing your PERM number and other important information, will be sent to you.

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