How can I withdraw from Summer Sessions?

Up to the FIRST DAY OF INSTRUCTION, you are able to drop all of your courses up to the last course on your schedule.  There is a click button on the Summer section of GOLD to drop and completely withdraw from the last course and receive a full refund.

AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF INSTRUCTION for the Summer Quarter, students can withdraw from all courses in Summer Sessions by filing a petition for Complete Withdrawal. The petition must be completed and taken to the Summer Sessions Office (SAASB 2214) for approval and then filed with the Office of the Registrar.

If the Drop Deadline has passed, the Office of the Registrar ordinarily only grants authorization for students to drop courses or completely withdraw in cases of illness, changes in employment, or acute personal difficulty. Once authorization is granted, the Office of the Registrar then enters a grade of W for each course in which the student was enrolled.

Students will not receive refunds for courses dropped after the deadlines. If a student is enrolled in multiple sessions and completes coursework in at least one session, the student is not considered a withdrawal.

Students are advised to seek counsel from faculty, departmental or college advisers, and/or Counseling and Career Services before withdrawing, in order to consider the full implications of the action.

Students who discontinue class attendance without processing a drop or Complete Withdrawal on or before the Drop Deadline, or without approval of the college Dean or Director of Summer Sessions after the Drop Deadline, receive a grade of F, NP, or U, as appropriate, in the course.

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