How do I add courses to my schedule?

Students may use GOLD to add courses until the “Add without Petition” dates listed on the Deadline Chart. After this point, students need a petition or a course approval code (which can be obtained from the instructor) to add courses. When approval is granted, the student is given either an approval code in order to add the course on GOLD or a petition to present at the Office of the Registrar for processing. Students can add a course with a petition or an approval code up until the last “Add with Petition” date listed on the Deadline Chart.

After that date, a student may add a course only with the permission of the instructor and college dean (for regular UCSB students) or with the permission of the instructor and the Director/Dean of Summer Sessions (for non-UCSB students).

*After the deadline dates listed on the Deadline Chart, all UCSB students newly admitted for fall term to the College of Letters and Science must go to L&S offices for any schedule alterations, including Late Drop, Late Add, and Late Change of Grading Options. Non-current UCSB students in L&S should do the same. To completely withdraw from a Summer Session, go first to the Summer Sessions Office. See the L&S Academic Advising page for additional information.

Students newly admitted to the College of Engineering and to the College of Creative Studies should go to the Summer Sessions office for all schedule changes.

Click here for Printable version of Deadline Chart.

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