(FSSP) How can I contact an Advisor to help me?

We suggest that all FSSP students contact an advisor within their college before deciding which courses to take during the summer.

Advisors in your college will advise you on taking courses that will help you complete General Education, pre-major and major requirements. There are three undergraduate Colleges at UC Santa Barbara: the College of Letters & Science, the College of Engineering and the College of Creative Studies.

College of Letters & Science

College of Engineering
If you have been admitted to the College of Engineering, contact the College’s Advising Staff directly at 805-893-2809 or email coe-info@engineering.ucsb.edu.

College of Creative Studies
Students in the College of Creative Studies should contact Sara Sterphone at 805-893-5319 or by email at sara.sterphone@ccs.ucsb.edu. Sara will advise you for FSSP, and will refer you to a Faculty Advisor in your academic emphasis if you are not planning on attending an orientation session.

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