How can I petition for a refund?


In order to receive a refund of tuition for your summer enrollment you have to be sure that you have dropped the course(s) according to the DROP COURSE DEADLINE DATE listed on the website.  If you have dropped the course(s) within the listed deadline, the Registrar's computer will automatically refund you 100% of the tuition for the summer course(s).  If you missed the drop deadline listed on the website and dropped your course after the posted dates, please review the attached Petition for a Refund form to see if you qualify for a refund.  If you think you could possibly qualify, then you must fill out the attached form and either email or hand deliver the signed form to the Office of Summer Sessions

No refunds are issued after the above deadlines. It is the responsibility of each student to know and to comply with Summer Sessions policy and deadlines. Students cannot use ignorance of the Summer Sessions refund policy and deadlines for justification for seeking a refund. Only those who encounter unforeseen, extenuating circumstances may request an exception to the refund policy.

The form for a request of tuition refund is shown below for you to download.



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