(Personnel) STAR/GauchoBlue won’t accept a function of 1 for the Associate who is teaching a course in my department. Why and what do I do?

STAR and the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) are linked which means an active appointment in an appropriate title code (e.g., 1507) is needed before STAR will allow you to assign a function of 1 (i.e., Instructor of Record).  

Here are a couple tips to try depending on when you are experiencing the problem:

Before classes begin, assign a function of 2 (i.e., Teaching Assistant) so that the Associate can at least access E-grades and his/her class list, as well as GauchoSpace. Be sure to go back and assign a function of 1 after classes start; if you don’t, the Associate won’t be able to submit grades.

No later than twenty-four hours after the Associate’s appointment begins (i.e., after the class starts), STAR should sync with PPS. If it doesn’t, you can try to manually sync the 2 systems by accessing the Instructor Table in STAR. On the main menu, select the I (Instructor Workload) screen; then the IA (Instructor Add/Chg) screen; then in the “Change” section of the screen, enter the student’s DSIR number. This will take you to the “Instructor Update” screen. Please see screen shot below.


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