(ASE) Who confirms an ASE’s eligibility for summer employment?

Departments are responsible for insuring that an ASE is in good academic standing and is qualified to teach the content of a course.

Note: If an Associate has been assigned to teach an upper-division or graduate-level course, the department is also responsible for submitting the appointment packet to the Academic Senate for approval.


Summer Sessions will check that:

  • an assigned instructor or TA will have student status in the summer term,
  • he/she has been enrolled the spring quarter immediately preceding the summer term,
  • he/she has the minimum credential (e.g., MA or MS for an Associate) to hold the appointment for which he/she has been assigned,
  • an Associate teaching an upper-division or graduate-level course has received Senate approval, and lastly,
  • check an Associate’s current classification (i.e., P1, P2 or P3) in the Registrar’s system to verify salary.
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