How do I determine the correct percentage of employment for a summer TAship?

Because the UAW/UC contract defines a 50% TAship in F/W/S as having a maximum of 220 workload hours vs a 50% TAship in summer as having a maximum of 120 workload hours, it is possible the summer TAship is not at the correct percentage. To determine the correct percentage, departments are asked to do the following exercise:

  • List all the TA duties related to the summer offering of the course.
  • Quantify each task in terms of the number of minutes/hours to complete each task for x number of students.
  • Add these numbers. If the number of hours is larger than 120, then the percentage of employment needs to be adjusted upward.
  • For example, if the number of hours you added together is 175, then the calculation for the correct percentage is 175/240*100 = 73%. 
  • The resulting higher salary is calculated from here.  Using Summer 2020 salary as an example, $7968*73% = $5816.64 (rounded is $5817).
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