What are the procedures and approvals needed to appoint a researcher or staff person to teach in summer?

Year-round employees (e.g., staff, academic coordinators, scientists, Post Docs, etc.) with a 100% appointment who are recommended for and accept a summer teaching assignment must either: 

  • reduce their year-round appointment during the session in which they teach so that the combined appointments do not exceed 100%, or 
  • accept the Summer Sessions appointment without salary. 

The employee’s home department will need to approve either the reduction in percent time or allow release time to teach.


Postdoctoral scholars require additional prior approval by the Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC) for Academic Personnel to hold a summer teaching appointment.  The completed Postdoctoral Scholars Appointment Form needs to be submitted far enough in advance of the appointment to allow for UCPath update.

Also, first-time Lecturers can only be hired as a result of an open recruitment.

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