How does a department request an exception to the ASE Spring Quarter Enrollment requirement?

Eligibility for summer employment in student titles requires enrollment the spring quarter
immediately preceding the summer term employment is expected. The situation under which an
exception can be considered:

  • Department has made a good-faith effort to find a qualified instructor or TA not needing an
  • The graduate student being considered for the exception must:
  1. Be enrolled in a minimum of four (4) units in summer* or eight (8) units in the
    succeeding fall quarter.
  2. Be in good academic standing (i.e., GPA of at least 3.0 in academic work and
    fewer than 12 units of incompletes or no grades).
  3. Meet the four-year time limit set for advancement to doctoral candidacy.
  4. Be within the seven-year time limit set for the doctoral degree.
  5. Meet all other minimum qualification for an ASE appointment (e.g. Associate must
    has a Master's degree or advancement to candidacy, and minimum of 3 quarters
    as a TA).

NOTE: There is no fee remission in the summer term. The ASE is responsible for all summer fees.

Approval Authority:  Director, Summer Sessions, in consultation with Graduate Division.

Graduate Division will determine if student meets academic requirements for the appointment
(i.e., good academic standing and within time limits).

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