How is information in the CMPortal organized?

The CMPortal is organized with seven (7) categories or "Tabs." They are:

  • Home Tab
    • This is where your tasks (To-Dos) live. You may task yourself a reminder. Ex: Name TBA Instructor or Check recruitment status. You may also task others; however, training for this will be in a later session.
  • Create Course Tab
    • Think of this tab as a bundle of screens. It will take you through four screens to create a course and assign one or more instructors. If you have multiple primaries of the same course, for example eight primaries of ENGL 10, please go through the pages eight times. This will create ENGL 10-001, ENGL 10-002, ENGL 10-003, etc. Note: after page two is completed, the course offer has been created in the CMPortal;  after page four is complete, the instructor assignment is created.
  • Course Offers Tab
    • Provides a list view of all your course offers for that summer. Please make sure your List View on the top left is set to the appropriate year, e.g., “2020 Community User.”
  • Instructor Assignment Tab
    • Provides a list of all the people you entered (e.g., instructors, TAs and other support staff). It also shows course offers to which they are assigned and their compensation for the assignment. Please make sure your list view reads “2020 - Community User” to ensure you are viewing the current year.
  • Annual Workloads Tab
    • Provides a list view of all instructors that summer. Please make sure your list view reads “2020 Community User”. Click on an individual name and then “Related”. Here you can view a few things:
    • Instructor Assignment - All this instructor’s assignments in your department for the summer
    • Notes and Attachments - You have access to the Appointment Letter that lists teaching assignments in other departments as well as your own.
    • Open Activities - Tasks that are related to this instructor that are not yet complete.
    • Activity History - Tasks that are related to this instructor that have been completed.
    • Annual Workload History - Date that the appointment letter was sent. We refer to this as “Last Send Date”.
  • Reports Tab
    • This tab includes reports to help you see the full picture of your curriculum plan. Be sure to choose “All Reports”. We highly recommend exporting the reports to excel to view them as the online version sometimes cuts off data on the right.
  • Resources Tab
    • Includes helpful documents and resources for summer. If there is a topic or question not listed, let the SUMS staff know. (We welcome input and suggestions to make the community user experience as positive as possible.)


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