How to create a Course Offer with a known instructor.

  1. Click “Create Course” tab. Please note it takes longer to load so please be patient
  2. Click inside course field name
  3. Type in your course you wish to offer (ex. Econ 10A)
  4. Choose the session that the course will be offered.  All courses must be offered in a 3-week, 6-week, or 10-week format. The summer calendar for 2018-23 with session dates may be found at
  5. Click Next
  6. Choose location (e.g., UCSB Campus, Online Only, or, Off Campus)
  7. Choose Campus Themes (if applicable)
  8. Add Course notes (optional)
  9. Click next
  10. Name of Instructor – click in the field and choose the option “To Be Assigned” even if you know who will be teaching.
  11. Click next
  12. Please enter Full Name and email of instructor in the text box.
  13. Pick Instructor Type, Appointment Type and Job Code. The system only allows valid combinations i.e. the correct job code with correct instructor type. For assistance picking the correct Instructor Type/Appointment Type/Job Codes, please consult Chart 1A below. For help choosing the correct Job Code, please consult Chart 1B below.
  14. Fill out one type of compensation. Please pick option 1, 2 OR 3. Enter the annual salary for the regular-rank faculty, visiting faculty, lecturer or recalled faculty member. DO NOT list annual salaries for Associates, TA, or Readers: these are flat rates.


    1. Cost for Faculty

-The annual salary used to determine summer compensation will be the annual in effect on June 30, 2020.

-For Summer-only Lecturers without an established annual base, a specific salary cannot be promised until approval from the appropriate Dean is secured.

-For recalled faculty, departments are advised to follow Red Binder protocol, as well as divisional/college policy to determine the appropriate salary. The Academic Recall Appointment Form may be found at 

    1. Cost for Associates

Enter the appropriate salary based on whether the Associate has advanced to candidacy or not. If you anticipate that the student will advance by the end of Spring quarter, enter the "Advanced to Candidacy" salary.

    1. Cost for Readers (or Tutors)

For courses that are eligible for reader support, indicate the number of reader hours based on the formula for your college/school. Use the appropriate hourly rate for a Reader (or Tutor) with or without a baccalaureate to calculate the reader cost for the course. Then enter the number in the flat rate field.


  1. Alternate Funding Source? Enter “yes" if the course is partially or fully funded by source(s) other than your "regular" summer instructional budget provided by the EVC. Once you select “yes” more fields will appear to add account strings and amounts. Clicking this box sends a task to SUMS staff and they will set up payroll based on the information you enter.
  2. If you have more than one instructor for this course (Faculty and TA, team-taught, multiple TAs), please click “yes” on add another instructor. The “yes” option will take you back to the instructor assignment entry page.
  3. If only one instructor is affiliated with this course, click no.
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