How to edit a Course Offer after it's been created.

  1. Click on the Course Offers Tab.
  2. On the list view, find the course you would like to modify and click on the course name.
  3. You can edit the Session, Availability, Campus Themes, and Location on this page. You can also cancel a course offer here. On the field you would like to update, click on the edit pencil to the right of the field.
  4. Once in the edit screen you can make your edits.
  5. If you want to change the session, click the “x” to the right of the current session to delete it.
  6. Start typing in the new session. Ex: 2019 - Session B
  7. Click “save”
  8. Click on the down arrow on the upper right hand side
  9. Choose “Submit for Approval” from the drop down.
  10. A comment box will appear.  Please type in the change you made. Ex: changing session from Session A to Session B.
  11. Click Submit - NOTE: the training environment will give you an error but this feature is functional in production.
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