How to create a NEW Instructor Assignment for a course offer that has already be created.

  1. Navigate to the "Instructor Assignment" tab.
  2. Click "New" on the upper right hand side.
  3. Choose record type. Options are Faculty, Lecturer, ASE, Mentor or Other. Please use “Other” for Readers and Tutors. 
  4. In the Annual Workload field search for an annual workload for the instructor. If one does not currently exist for the instructor, please, choose " 2020 - To Be Assigned"
  5. In the course offer field, start typing the course offer name, and then select the correct course offer.
  6. Please change the status from “none” to "Proposed". This will alert SUMS staff to review and approve the assignment.
  7. Choose the Appointment Type
  8. Choose the Job Code
  9. If you choose “2019 - To Be Assigned” for your annual workload, please add the instructor’s name and email in the “Instructor Info” text box. SUMS staff will create an annual workload and assign the correct instructor.
  10. Add in Graduate Student Appointment %, if applicable.
  11. For ASEs, Mentors, and others, please fill in the flat rate amount. For Faculty and Lecturers, please fill in applicable % of Annual Salary field. (For example, the rate of 8.5% is used for an instructor teaching 3-5 unit course.)
  12. Click save.
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