What does "status" field refer to on the Instructor Assignment (IA)?

The status field indicates either the status of the appointment process (e.g., faculty, Associates, TAs) or that the entry is for tracking purposes only for the budget (e.g., Readers, Tutors, Guest Artist). There are five (5) possible options:

Proposed – the original status that is set when a department staff creates an Instructor Assignment (IA) through the “Create Course” template.

Pending – SUMS staff has reviewed the appointment but it is pending some sort of action. Examples of actions pending can be CCGE approval, recruitment, salary approval, recall appointment approval, advancement to candidacy, Master’s degree, 100% employment reduction, etc.

Complete – The appointment is finalized, an appointment letter has been sent, and SUMS staff is working on inputting the employee into UCPath (if applicable).

Tracking Only – Inputting into the portal for budget purposes only. These appointments are not inputted into UCPath by SUMS and the department is responsible for administering these appointments. Example: Readers and Tutors.

Cancelled - If someone withdraws or declines assignment after the appointment letter has been sent. (Prior to an appointment being formalized via an appointment letter, the IA is deleted.)

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