What are "functional" Course Offers?

Functional Course Offers are for any budgeted item needed that supports groups of courses. Examples of these courses are below:

MENTOR – Every department has a version of this course (ex: ANTH MENTOR). Please use your department's designation for this course when assigning your Associate Mentors.

 NOTE: First-time Associates have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Teaching Associate Mentoring Program (STIA), in which Associates are mentored by an experienced faculty member who provides planning and pedagogical support throughout the session in which they teach. It is expected that departments will have identified faculty to serve in this role.  https://www.summer.ucsb.edu/summer-mentor-information


PLC HOLDR – Every department has a placeholder course (Example - MATH PLC HOLDR).  Please use this course in circumstances when you are not yet sure of the course number or if the course is pending MCA. Be sure to enter in the Notes text box the course name and number that is pending.

While not all departments have these types of functional courses, some other examples include:

LABS: Example – CHEM LABS – Management of Chemistry Labs

LAB IOR: Example - CHEM LAB IOR – TA Supervisor and Instructor of Record for the Chem Labs

PREP: Example - EARTH Prep – Preparation for Summer Field Course

FAC LITATR: Example - ED FAC LITATR – Med Facilitators

INT LABS: Example - EEMB INT LABS – Management of Intro EEMB Labs

BH DIRST: Example - Blue Horizons Director Stipend

RA: Example -FSSP RAResident Advisors for Freshman Summer Start Program

CP LAB: Example -PSTAT CP LAB – Computer Lab support

UD LABS:  Example - MCDB UD LABS - Upper division Labs

PRT PR: Example – SPAN PRT PR – Preparation for Language Courses and Supervision

HR EXM: Example – SPAN HR EXM – Fluency Evaluations/Spanish Heritage Exam

PRT SU: Example – SPAN PRT SU – Supervision of Language Courses

WRKSP: Example – WRIT WRKSP – Writing workshop for Grad students

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