Glossary of CMPortal terms.

  • Course Library - A course that has been through MCA and is offered at UCSB. Example: Econ 101. Note - if this course has never been offered in the summer quarter, the course might not exist in the portal yet.
  • Course Offer - A primary of a course that is offered during a specific time. There may be two primaries of Econ 101 in the same summer:
    • ECON 101-001 offered in 2020 - Session A
    • ECON 101-002 offered in 2020 - Session B
  • Functional Course Offer - Creating a Functional Course Offers is a way to establish a support budget for a specific "function" for a one or more groups of courses. An example is CHEM LAB IOR: TA Supervisor and Instructor of Record for Chem Labs. This establishes a budget, assigns a faculty member and, in turn, tracks compensated non-teaching duties that support a department's summer curriculum. 
  • Annual Workload - All courses a particular instructor is teaching for that summer. For example, Jane Smith is teaching both ART 10 and ART 117 in Summer 2020. Her Annual Workload will list both assignments.
  • Instructor Assignment - A person’s relation to the course and compensation. For example, Mickey Mouse is a Teaching Associate for ANTH 2-001 in session B with the Job Code 1507 and  earning a flat rate of $4,626.
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