My department wants to assign a year-round, full time employee (e.g., Post Doc, staff, etc.) to teach this summer. Is this possible?

Yes; however, the Office of Academic Personnel does not permit Dual Employment exceptions for summer teaching. As a result, University employees who are recommended for and accept a summer teaching appointment must either:

(a)   reduce their year-round appointment (e.g., staff, researcher, Academic Coordinator, etc.) during the session they teach so that the combined appointments do not exceed 100%, or,

(b)   accept the teaching appointment without salary.

Please note:

  1. Your home department and/or Principal Investigator (PI) will need to approve either the temporary reduction in your percent time or allow release time to teach. In addition, postdoctoral scholars will need approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel.
  2. To hold a (for salary) Lecturer appointment, the department for whom you teach must follow open recruitment policy.
  3. If you accept the teaching assignment on a"without salary" basis, an appropriate teaching title will need to be approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel.

For further information, please contact the Summer Sessions staff.

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